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    There’s nothing like a used #bookstore to get us thinking about #Archive - the theme of our next issue! #MAKE16 (at Powell’s Bookstores)


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    #MAKE15 #Misfits #fiction #DustinMHoffman #DavidAlvarado


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    “He watched from across the street as the guests arrived. It was Sunday morning. There were three fold seats on a bar in the bus shelter. On his side of the street there was no one around and the stores were closed.” - Stephen Elliott, “Where The Bus Was Going” #fiction #MAKE8 #Chicago (at Richard J. Daley Center)


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    “Base metal into noble metal. Straw into gold. Lead into silver. Take a basic impetus to transform. Take a base material and work it. Splinter it. Manhandle it. Rub it ‘til it bleeds.” - John Corbett #MAKE14 #VisualCulture #portfolio #Chicago #JayPritzkerPavilion (at Jay Pritzker Pavilion)


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    More #ARCHIVE feels with this #vintage furniture we stumbled across in #HumboldtPark #MAKE16 #Chicago (at Humboldt Park)


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    “Blue Leah consisted of eleven paintings, made over the course of about two years, all of them larger-than-life-size close-ups of a single model— Leah. I had a reason for painting this way. I don’t entirely subscribe to this reason in my current practice, but explaining it will lead us toward the present.”
    MAKE14 contributor danielmaidman’s work of nonfiction, “Magic”, along with his own original artwork, is now up on


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    These old photographs got us thinking about #ARCHIVE - the theme of our next issue. Stay tuned! #MAKE16 (at Space Oddities Chicago)


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    Just a morning coffee and a #MAKEmag #MAKE15 #Misfits (at Chicago Illinois)


  • “I believe in my powers but not in doctors. I believe in my books, like the one on my head. The book’s weight reminds me of my state of apprenticeship.”
    MAKE14 contributor Daniela Tarazona Velutini’s “The Flower”, translated by Janet Hendrickson, is now up on Illustration by geoffreyhamerlinck


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    “From the car window of my youngest days was a Chicago that seemed to be monumentalized everywhere, the green bronze statues spread throughout the parks were relics of it” - Joseph Drogos, “Copper-Colored Yesterday” #Nonfiction #MAKE5 #Chicago


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    “its paper-folding / expertise, its penchant for holing / up indoors to memorize the names / of the shortest rivers. How / many names can we bear to learn any /flood by, and anyway, by now your feet / are too cold to recognize as your own.” - Rob Schlegel and Allison Titus #Chicago #Poetry #MAKE8 (at Chicago Riverwalk)


  • “My mother had read about Michael’s ranch in a magazine, and it was either this or tennis camp in Palm Springs, so the choice was easy.”

    Thinking back to summer camp? Check out “Michael Says” by MAKE14 contributor, Evan Morgan Williams. Now up on


  • “My relationship to blue has changed pretty much entirely. It’s almost like it’s an ex I don’t speak to anymore.” - Maggie Nelson

    Tim Kinsella talks to Maggie Nelson in this MAKE15 conversation. Her new book, “The Argonauts” was just released by Graywolf Press in May of this year.

    Original artwork by Liz Nielsen.


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    “there is a city underneath the city / there is no city underneath this city / can you visit me again in my forgetfulness?” - “Nightshift, 2006” by Joe Scire Hall #poetry #Chicago #MAKE15 #Misfits


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    “Would graffiti on the snowman / stain the ground come spring, the cars / and those who resume their suicides and / shipwrecks in no time, predictably” - Rob Schlegel and Allison Titus #MAKE8 #poetry


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    This got us thinking of Christopher Stackhouse’s poem, “Noon” - “I have to keep thinking / about making things, whatever it is, in whatever we want to call…you know…‘art,’ as a / type of gifting.” (at The Art Institute of Chicago)


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    “looking out of the /rattling windows due / hard wind turned in /our direction, would / have been spooky / without you” -#ChristopherStackhouse #MAKE14 #visualculture #Chicago


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    Happening now at #P4kFest at the #bookfort tent! #MAKE (at Union Park)


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    Checking out some #music at #P4kFest? Check us out at the #bookfort tent! #MAKE (at Union Park)


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    Hot as hell! Weather, too! @pitchfork #comeonby #bkf4t15 (at Union Park)


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