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    Limited edition Mario Bellatin buttons from @busybeaverbuttonco at tonight’s event! (at Constellation Chicago)


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    Tonight! FICCION/FICTION w/ @mbellatin, @judasproust, Adam Levin, @elasticarts, @jrmhjns, & Amanda Guttierrez @constellationchicago #litluz


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    #litluz #listening #joyellemcsweeney (at ACRE)


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    Joyelle McSweeney reading from Dead Youth/The Leaks #litluz #poetry (at ACRE)


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    Surprise guest! MAKE managing editor, Jose-Luis Moctezuma #greens #litluz #poetry #poesia (at ACRE)


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    Poesia/Poetry begins at @acreresidency #litluz (at ACRE)


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    Ahorita! #litluz @uchicago. Discussing violence, literature, and fake broccoli.


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    So it begins… See you tomorrow and Friday #LitLuz (at Chicago, Illinois)


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    Lit & Luz is back! 11.19 / 11.20 Chicago w/Mario Bellatin, Brenda Lozano, Luis Felipe Fabre, and more #litluz (at Chicago, Illinois)


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  • An interview with L.A. artist John Knuth about his artistic process, his famous fly paintings, and what he is influenced by. Also, a little bit about his love for Chicago!


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    Chilean poet Cecilia Vicuña, contributor to our upcoming MAKE16 issue, Archive, will perform at the poetryfoundation​ this Thursday at 6:00 PM. Details can be found here - The performance will interweave art and poetry, and will be followed by a discussion. This event is sponsored in part by MAKE. 

    Her “No Manifesto”, translated by Rosa Alcala, is now up on


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    “You can’t do this to me, cry / us both to sleep at the end / of summer. Your sister said / autumn is sad…” - Matthew Rohrer, “Winning Isn’t Everything” #MAKE2 #poetry #summer #Chicago


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    Happy #LaborDay weekend from #MAKE - this weather is really helping our refusal to let go of #summer #Chicago #lakemichigan (at Chicago, Illinois)


  • “At age seven I sit in my room at the corner of 142nd and Emerald Avenue. I am alone except for my dolls, lined up on a bench under the windowsill.”
    Barrie Jean Borich’s piece of nonfiction, “Irregular” from MAKE15 is now up on


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    “Chicagoans, it has been said, are tribal, living among their own, a city of insiders whose entire identity is wrapped up in their neighborhood or parish.” - #AlexKotlowitz, “Never a City So Real” #MAKE3 #Chicago


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    There’s nothing like a used #bookstore to get us thinking about #Archive - the theme of our next issue! #MAKE16 (at Powell’s Bookstores)


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    #MAKE15 #Misfits #fiction #DustinMHoffman #DavidAlvarado


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    “He watched from across the street as the guests arrived. It was Sunday morning. There were three fold seats on a bar in the bus shelter. On his side of the street there was no one around and the stores were closed.” - Stephen Elliott, “Where The Bus Was Going” #fiction #MAKE8 #Chicago (at Richard J. Daley Center)


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    “Base metal into noble metal. Straw into gold. Lead into silver. Take a basic impetus to transform. Take a base material and work it. Splinter it. Manhandle it. Rub it ‘til it bleeds.” - John Corbett #MAKE14 #VisualCulture #portfolio #Chicago #JayPritzkerPavilion (at Jay Pritzker Pavilion)


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