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    This just in! #MAKE15 “MISFITS”


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    Tonight! The Adam Burke Show at the Hideout—w/Barrie Jean Borich, Brian Costello, and Tim Kinsella. Followed by music from Ida y Vuelta, Minor Characters, and Brother George! (at The Hideout)


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    TODAY! FREE Curbside Splendor Publishing books when you pre-order MAKE #15. YAY!

    With a single issue, receive The Desert Places by Amber Sparks and Robert Kloss or grab a MAKE one-year subscription and get a copy of Tim Kinsella’s Let Go and Go On (and check him out this Thursday at the Hideout


    Order here://  (We’ll know you got some books coming.)


  • Why don’t you do it? the poet asked bravely.
    David Meltzer (via themostfunthing)


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    Oh, hey there. Margot Bergman, MAKE 11, at the MCA’s After Frida Kahlo show. (at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago)


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    Tabling away with @monstersanddust, @rebeccamir. @printersball, @featherproof and more! #wordweekend (at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago)


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    Marvin Tate in miniature performing at the MCA #wordweekend


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    Travis Nichols’ non-fiction piece “Songs Against Sex” is the kind with Jeff Mangum, not SCOTUS. Music, drugs, etc from MAKE #6: The Experiment 


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    Daniel Wuebben teaches us what bouquets of flowers mean, such as: “Where was your discretion last night?” and “The fiercest flame requires to be fed” in his short piece, “Say Everything (With Flowers)” with illustrations by Aya Yamasaki from MAKE #14. 


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    (via MAKE Literary Productions, NFP | Crazy Season by Paul Graham)


  • MAKE Literary Productions, NFP | Crazy Season by Paul Graham

    Friday night, and Rick Potts couldn’t afford to buy dinner at the Thirsty Moose before the Pioneers’ game. Donnie expected dinner out tonight, though, so Rick had to think of something. There was always his mother’s, if he felt like a lecture, but he didn’t.


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    (via MAKE Literary Productions, NFP | Online Exclusive: The Twitches by Amy Shearn)


  • The fourteenth issue of MAKE Literary Magazine focuses on visual culture, toying with the ideas of perception and image. The journal itself is stunning—a mix of colored, white, and black pages that proclaims on its front, “All colors, are, in fact, here.” It’s a line plucked from Cristina Rivera Garza’s poem “I. Despejar” or “I. To Clear.” And it fits perfectly, given that MAKE has a little bit of everything—poetry, fiction, nonfiction, book reviews, artists’ portfolios, an interview, translations, and comics are all represented and flow together flawlessly for fulfilling, well-rounded read.
    NewPages review by Robyn Campbell


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    Cervantes, congrats on the longevity (at Instituto Cervantes)


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    The sun doth shine! #curbsidesplendor #dogslovelit (at Hemingway’s Museum)


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    Just heard @timdenevi read his essay that’ll be in MAKE 15 at RSVP. Also, look, it’s sunny! That dude’s wearing shorts! #missioncreek


  • MAKE at Mission Creek 2014

    Iowa City’s Mission Creek is becoming a beloved annual tradition! 

    This year, we’re participating in the Friday night Lit Crawl with Canarium Books and POETRY Magazine at Revival Clothing, 6 PM. Poets Jamaal May, Robyn Schiff, Dora Malech, Ana Merino. Nick Twemlow, Suzanne Buffam, Joel Craig, and Justin Wymer will read their work. Plus, singer/songwriter Paul Cary will throw down a song. In all, over 60 authors and 16 presses are represented:

    More details:

    On Saturday, find us at the Mill for the book fair. Eat, drink, buy books. 

    There’s so much going on. SO MUCH. We’re catching up on sleep in advance….


  • Outer Artist on Attending the StoryStudio Panel....

    Oh, wow! And OuterArtist also wrote about the recent panel at StoryStudio Chicago:

    Last weekend, I attended a panel discussion at StoryStudio Chicago called “Editors Speak: Literary Magazine Panel.” The discussion was moderated by Maria Hlohowskyj, the StoryStudio’s creative programs manager, and featured panelists from Chicago-based literary magazines and book publishers. The lineup included Sarah Dodson, co-founder and executive director of Make Literary Productions, which publishes Make Literary Magazine; Ben Tanzer, director of publicity & content strategy for Curbside Splendor, which publishes books, literary journals and the Curbside Splendor e-zine; and Brian Solem, publisher of Graze Magazine.


  • LitCity312 has a nice write-up of last week's panel at StoryStudio

    On what was a warmer-than-usual Saturday afternoon this March,StoryStudio Chicago hosted a panel of local literary magazine editors in their comfortable loft space in Ravenswood. The room quickly filled up with writers, taking every available seat, and all of them eager to hear what editors had to say about the submission process. The panel of experts included: Sarah Dodson, executive director of MAKE Literary Productions; Ben Tanzer, director of publicity & content strategy for Curbside Splendor; and Brian Solem, co-founder and editor of graze. READ MORE….image


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