Fred & Tania

by Tania Candiani with Fred Sasaki

“Fred & Tania,” by Tania Candiani with Fred Sasaki, 2014. Audio File. Duration: 07:27.

This piece is a set of questions back and forth, a conversation made in the distance and interpreted by computer voices. It is intimate yet distant, funny and light yet sad and serious. It is like a primer to intimacy, or the act of meeting translated. “Fred & Tania” is a collaboration with the writer Fred Sasaki, and was commissioned by MAKE literary productions, Chicago.


The research processes of Tania Candiani take as starting point language, text, and the political implications of the domestic. Her translation strategies amongst systems–linguistic, visual, phonic–and practices, generate associations, where there is a constant nostalgia for the obsolete that makes consider the discursive content of artifacts and on former projections of future. She has gathered interdisciplinary work teams that contribute to achieve poetic intersections amongst art and technology. She was awarded by the Guggenheim Fellowship Foundation, and grant awarded by the National System of Art Creators of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Mexico (FONCA).

Fred Sasaki makes fun-loving things. With his son and late father he is the author of the zine series, FRED SASAKI’S & FRED SASAKI’S FOUR-PAGER GUIDE TO: HOW TO FIX YOU. He is art director for Poetry magazine, gallery curator for the Poetry Foundation, and co-director of Homeroom Chicago’s “School Night” info-show.

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