Issue 10: At Play

 width=Sandra Louise Dyas, Caroline Louise Flies!, 2009,
Digital Color Print, 20″ x 20″
Line from Lewis Warsh’s poem CINQ X CINQ from the FIVE project



  • Every Moment is a Chance to Molt Angela
  • Delarmente Bearing Witness by Rose Hamilton-Gottleib
  • Crazy Season by Paul Graham
  • Our Atrocious Miracle by Mabel Yu
  • Vulcan Love by Gina Frangello
  • There Are Worse Jobs by Mark Rooke


  • extension Cord and other poems by Judith Goldman
  • Nightmare Directed by Victor Erice by Tyler Flynn Dorholt
  • Red Town #11 /  Red Town #17 / Red Town #26  by Julia Story
  • The New Chatham / Our Roles In Life by James Tate
  • How I Have Learned To Deal With My Vanity:  by Daniel Khalastchi
  • Requiem for Lux Interior/Ducktail for XXX by Devin King
  • Dope / Martin Heidegger / The Tumbleweed Shogunate /  The Problems of Poetry / Beholder  by Geoffrey Nutter
  • I Live Near Larry Bittner by Kevin Carollo


A Conversation Between Gina Frangello and David Yoo


Visual Art Portfolio

  • Phyllis Bramson
  • Lily van der Stokker
  • John Dilg
  • Liz Nielsen


FIVE! Short takes on FIVE in celebration of five years of MAKE by MAKE Contributors

On the Make

Language at Play: Love, Lust, Savagery Joseph Drogos

Art and Illustration

Aya Yamasaki, Dean Rank, Vanesa Zendejas, Carmen Price, C.J. Matheren, Andrew Rohde, Lauren Haldeman, Geoffrey Hamerlinck, Johnathan Crawford, and Art Shay

Uptons Naturals

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