Issue # 15 MISFITS

Aug 28, 2014

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Inside MAKE #15, “MISFITS,” you will find stories, poems, essays, and visual art that, though well loved, didn’t quite fit in previous issues whose themes heavily referenced architecture, play, satire, myth, and more. In addition to the previously unpublished pieces, we’ve included new work, conversations, and translations that illuminate the misfit: the unconventionally lovable; the lonely prick; the light-hearted rebel; and the refused.

While creating these issues over the years, we’ve hosted scores of events and have been fortunate to meet many of the people who give this magazine — and the contributors therein — a place to belong. Thank you.


  • The Killers (A True Story About My Life—Re-Told As A Parable About The Voluntary Death of Childhood)
    Adi Da Samraj
  • Ice Cream Dream
    Dustin M. Hoffman
  • A Bathrobe and a Hot Toddy
    Lauren Belski
  • Darling, You Die Alone No Matter What
    Suzanne Scanlon


  • Emmaus
    Tim Denevi
  • Into the Pit
    Deb R. Lewis
  • Irregular
    Barrie Jean Borich
  • He Was a Friend of Mine
    Scott Pinkmountain
  • Silly Honey
    Christen Enos
  • Grief Management
    Chamandeep Bains


  • from Some Worlds for Dr. Vogt
    Matvei Yankelevich
  • The Dramaturge, Synchronized Swim, Unoriginal Scene, Genre Film, The Great Subject, The Fiction of a Still Life, Rewind, The Vote
    Jessica Baran
  • My Body Became Eaves
    Broc Rossell
  • June 27, June 28
    Amaranth Borsuk & Andy Fitch
  • Drag Reduct, Tabula Rasa/Tabular
    Judith Goldman
  • Nightshift, 2006
    Joe Scire Hall
  • Contact Lens on My Fingertip
    Christopher Garson
    Emily Kendal Frey


  • Bunn Coffee Maker
    Guillermo Fadanelli, Translation by Paul Grens
  • Four Stories
    Pablo Katchadijan, Translation by Heather Cleary
  • The Horoscope Says
    Antonio Ortuño, Translation by Lucy Greaves
  • At Four, At Five, At Six
    Alejandra Costamagna, Translation by Adrián Izquierdo
  • The Rebellious Idler
    Vivian Abenshushan, Translation by Janet Hendrickson
  • from The World as Presence (El Mundo como ser)
    Marcelo Morales Cintero, Translation by Kristin Dykstra
  • Iowa Correctional Institution, La Ultima Frontera/The Last Frontier
    Ana Merino, Translation by Elizabeth Polli
  • from 11
    Carlos Soto-Román, Translation by Daniel Borzutzky & Carlos Soto-Román
  • How it had to be/Así tenía que ser, The whistle blows/Suena el silbato, Orphan’s song/Canto del huérfano
    Reina María Rodriguez, Translation by Kristin Dykstra


  • José Luis Cortés-Santander in Conversation with Abraham Cruzvillegas
  • Gabrielle Garland in Conversation with Catherine Sullivan


  • A Misfit in Killesberg
    Kelsey Zigmund
  • In Conversation with Tim Kinsella
    Maggie Nelson
  • In Conversation with Brenda Lozano
    Guillermo Fadanelli


  • Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi
    John Murillo III
  • Japanoise by David Novak
    Farley Miller
  • Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    Chisomo Kalinga
  • Beyond Words by Kathlyn Conway
    Deborah Harris-Moore
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