Issue 4: Sister Cities: The International Issue

width="300"Photo of Mona Sasaki courtesy of Fred Sasaki



  • Mike Zapata talks with Aleksandar Hemon
  • Gabriel Levinson talks with Eduardo Galeano
  • Monologue
  • Migrant Song by Shailja Patel
  • How Ambi Became Paisley by Shailja Patel



  • It Happens All the Time (Dogaja se neprenehoma) by PrimožČučnik
  • Still (remix of poems and voices) (_e vedno (remiks pesmi in glasov)) by Gregor Podlogar
  • Silence Remains (Queda el silencio) by Leda Shiavo
  • Poem of Intervention _ Tongue (Wiersz interwencyjny _ Jezyk) by Adam Wiedmann)


Exegi Monumentum by Ilya Kutik and Reginald Gibbons


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