Issue # 14 Visual Culture

Oct 15, 2013

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In this issue, you’ll find writing and visual art that challenges the nature of representation itself: what it means to conceive, shape, and share an idea.

This issue also features the first appearance of “Intercambio,” a new section devoted to texts and visual arts by Latin American artists as well as Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translations.


  • Traces Erase (Themselves)
    Caroline Picard
  • Avedon, Later
    Charles McLeod
  • A Frailty Overhead
    Kyle Beachy and Anders Nilsen
  • Michael Says
    Evan Morgan Williams
  • Status Zero
    Noah Milligan
  • Experiments
    Brandi Wells


  • Sleeping In
    Andrew Johnson
  • New Realities
    Regina Drexler
  • Notes on Housewives
    Dana Madsen
  • Magic
    Daniel Maidman


  • TELL THE AUTHORITIES WHAT YOU KNOW:, Address the Water Directly, TELL THE AUTHORITIES WHAT YOU KNOW:, Field Procedures for the New Century
    Roger Reeves
  • Five Poems
    Brad Flis
  • I Have a Vague Notion of Hollywood, There are Enough Famous People, Puppet Maker
    Emily Toder
  • Four Poems from 24 Pages
    Lisa Fishman
  • Future Colors, Posture, Noon, Beam
    Christopher Stackhouse
  • You are Modern
    Sandra Simonds


  • Irvin Morazán: The Genealogy of the Flashy Beast
    Patricia Dominguez
  • Acceso
    Adam Levin, traduccíon por Aguillón-Mata
  • La Flor
    Daniela Tarazona, translation by Janet Hendrickson
  • Apenas me entero, Cuarto interior
    Valerie Mejer, translations by Torin Jensen
  • Qué te vas a acordar Isabel; Íntimas preguntas; El Suicida
    Raúl Gómez Jattin, translations by James Rumsey-Merlan and Camila Vélez Valencia
  • I. Despejar
    Cristina Rivera-Garza, translation by Jose Antonio Villarán


  • John Sparagana: Transformer
  • Jennifer Sullivan: The Superior Object


  • Documenting Science by Berenice Abbott
    Jennifer Pranolo
  • Torture of Women by Nancy Spero
    Angela Moran
  • Unmarriages by Ruth Mazo Karras
    Betsy L. Chunko
  • The Book of Kells by Bernard Meehan
    Ingrid Satelmajer

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