Issue # 17 Belonging

Jan 15, 2018

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  • Hunting in Chicago
    Audie Shushan
  • The Stirrings of Magpies
    Kellie Carle


  • Suburbs, Junk & American Gothic
    David Kholamian
  • Ships Named After Women
    Rachel Slotnick
  • In Chicago, 2008-2016
    Ben Merriman
  • Yellow
    Andrea Rehani


  • identified patient; infinite origin; interior climate; letter the light
    Roberto Harrison
  • Letter to the Present; While Orpheus was in the underworld; Slogan 2. compassion! for humans!; The Silk Road and the Pax Mongolica
    Jennifer Nelson
  • e.g.; e ë; Repeat As Necessity; ^
    Tyrone Williams
  • nodes in a bloodline network complicated; 1962 / 5th sun / our present: BROWN folio r
    Steven Alvarez
  • Let Us Pray; On Life
    Kenyatta Rogers
  • i went to baptist church and all i got was crippling self doubt
    Ashley Miranda
  • On a Pink Moon; Trying; The Raincoat
    Ada Limón


  • Excerpts from Fanon City Meu: Down there in the tattered; We trembled with fear, I swear,; I see everyone’s face in Fanon City,; A castle in the eyes of Jaime Cruzeiro,; “Beware of national anthems,”; Don’t ask poetry for more money,; My country is a moving ship. Translated from the Spanish by Thomas Rothe
    Jaime Luis Huenún
  • Amen; The Death of Matías Aldecoa; The Death of Captain Cook Translated from the Spanish by Kristin Dykstra
    Álvaro Mutis
  • Cord-House VI; Alleyways; The Day Arrived; untitled; Who Wanders Our Streets; untitled Translated from the Spanish by Wendy Call
    Irma Pineda
  • Delivery of an undocumented; untitled; Disappeared detainee Translated from the Spanish by Madeline Vardell
    Verónica Zondek
  • A Writer’s Pastimes Translated from the Spanish by Lily Meyer
    Claudia Ulloa Donoso
  • I won’t stop til Feldafing Translated from the Spanish by Katerina Gonzalez Seligmann
    Legna Rodríguez Iglesias
  • You're Good and You Know It Translated from the Spanish by Lizzie Davis
    Paulina Flores
  • It Could Be Worse Translated from the Spanish by Sarah Booker
    Margarita García Robayo


  • Serie Fosa común or Mass Grave Series
  • (Re)Housing the American Dream


  • Belonging Through Translanguaging: A Conversation Steven Alvarez
    Jose-Luis Moctezuma


  • The Skins of Columbus
    Edgar Garcia
  • My Langa-Langa Boy
    Paolo Javier & Alexander Tarampi


  • Notes Toward a Real Self
    Kelly Caldwell
  • "Terps:" Translating the Veteran’s Story in Literature
    Adam Karr
  • Meditation at Lagunitas
    Amelia Klein
  • Split/Spilt
    John Murillo III
  • Estranging Empathy
    Killian Quigley

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