Issue # 3 Truthiness

Jun 24, 2007

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In these pages, Alex Kotlowitz writes, “Truth is not relative. Truthiness, as Stephen Colbert calls it, is not truth.” Recently, Americans have been put to the task of finding truth that is self-evident, not self-serving and manipulated. Of course, even if the word truthiness is relatively new, manipulating the truth is not. In the early 17th century, Miguel de Cervantes’ comic protagonist Don Quixote proclaimed, “I perceive everything I say as absolutely true, and deficient in nothing whatever, and paint it all in my mind exactly as I want it to be.”

Today, as we portray, describe, and shape identities, we may lose sight of the original literary and journalistic intentions of language — to discover and reveal the truth. In issue #3 of MAKE, we attempt to test our understanding of the truth through documentary, myth, surrealism, and a hip-hop refrain. We may be closest to knowing the truth when considering its distance.

Sarah Dodson and Mike Zapata


  • an excerpt from Never A City so Real
    Alex Kotlowitz
  • from Falling in Real Time (a work in progress)
    Amber DiPietra
  • Passing Candy on the Sly: Women Writing in Prison
    Zak Mucha
  • Singing Gloria
    Fred Sasaki


  • Modern World History
    Avery R. Young
  • Virgin, 1982
    Krista Franklin
  • The Mock Florida Lectures
    Catherine Theis
  • 1707
    Idris Goodwin
  • The Boundaries
    Jenn Morea
  • Little Kings
    Peter Kahn
  • My Father's Brother
    Christina Santana
  • Miscegenation
    Kevin Coval
  • Leaving Eden
    Lucy Anderton
  • Madison
    Avery R. Young
  • The Bartendress from Mobile
    Michael Haeflinger
  • Evening at the Trolley Shop
    Krista Franklin
  • Consider the Heat at the Basketball Courts
    Lucy Anderton


  • Marvin Tate talks with Alex Kotlowitz

    Art and illustration

  • Nick Campbell, Johnathan Crawford, Michael Merck, Matt Tetzloff, Karen Tisel, Rosy Torres, Siebren Versteeg

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