Issue # 9 Myth, Magic, & Ritual

Mar 18, 2009

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The lines on the cover are excerpted from the essay by Jenny Boully, found
in the first pages of this issue. They suggest that the act of naming, of
pointing out, is an act of simultaneous creation and destruction; that our
conjuring irrevocably alters that which we conjure. Her essay is rooted in a
world of symbology that seeks to interpret the invisible forces acting upon
our lives. Myths, magic, and rituals are just a few of the tools we use in our
pursuit of these forces, and in our defense against them.


  • So Cold and Far Away
    Lily Hoang and Kathleen Rooney
  • Moral Census
    Gennady Favel
  • Giganti
    Aaron Francis
  • Hit the Ground Running
    Jana Bruback
  • The Religion of Insects
    Caru Cadoc
  • A House in Santiago
    Luis Sepúlveda


  • Katy Fischer
  • Deva Graf
  • Tim Werhle
  • David Dunlap


  • I am the witch of the dance and my hex is disco: A Conversation with Irvine Welsh
    Don De Grazia


  • A New Literary History of America Eds. Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors/The Good Soldiers by David Finkel
    Weston Cutter
  • The Skating Rink by Roberto Bolaño
    Gabriel Levinson
  • If I Were Another by Mahmoud Darwish
    Jane Lewty
  • Everything Flows by Vasily Grossman
    Anthony Marra

    On the Make

  • The Silver-Colored Yesterday: You Make Us Proud of Our Legs
    Joseph Drogos

    Art and illustration

  • Joseph Desler Costa, Stephen Eichhorn, Emile Ferris Maya Hayuk, Geoffrey Hamerlinck, Kenneth Josephson, Corey R. Lewis Carrie Scanga, Linda Panetta

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