Issue # 6 The Experiment

Jun 09, 2008

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In early 2007, Demis Hassabis, computer game designer and neuroscientist, conducted a study using subjects whose hippocampus, commonly known as the brain’s filing cabinet, had been severely damaged, causing hippocampal amnesia. Patients with this condition struggle to imagine new events. Hassabis suggests that the hippocampus, in addition to playing a substantial role in the operations of remembering events, is also called upon when imagining events. Our brains access stored “abstract knowledge” for both reconstructions of past events and entirely new constructions of imagined ones. Through Hasssabis’s theory, which is arguably the first to objectively focus on the neuropsychology of imagining events, one could suggest that the hippocampus plays a significant role in the construction of literature-reaching backward into our deepest experiences and forward into our most one-of-a-kind imaginings.

In this issue, you will find writing that is experimental and writing about experiments. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in completing this issue and to our contributors’ and readers’ hippocampi.


  • Our Man
    Lindsay Hunter
  • The Lost Correspondent
    Mark Jay Mirsky


  • Some Vonnegut
    Marvin Bell
  • Who You’re Playing for What Stray Companions
    Steffi Drewes
  • Unlikely
    Amy Leach
  • Songs Against Sex
    Travis Nichols
  • The Library of Babel: An Infinite Translation
    Daniel Wuebben


  • Gabriel Gudding interviewed by Joyelle McSweeney


  • The Remarkable Rooming House of Mme. Le Monde
    Tennessee Williams
  • Hannie Oakley
    Joyelle McSweeney


  • The Unfortunates by B. S. Johnson
    Paul M. Davis
  • Hotel Crystal by Oliver Rolin
    Robert Duffer

    Art and illustration

  • Tauba Auerbach, Lillie Carré, Paul Killebrew, Molly Schafer, Mei-Ling Shaw-Williams, Jeremy Tinder

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