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Inside MAKE #16, “ARCHIVE,” you will find stories, poems, essays, conversations and visual art oriented around concepts of memory, preservation, photo negatives and negative hands, disappearing/reappearing faces, letters sent and never received, lost and recovered traces; in short, the archive (or its simulacrum). One is reminded of Jacques Derrida’s “Archive Fever”: “The concept of the archive shelters in itself, of course, this memory of the name arkhe [rule, government, beginning, origin, first place]. But it also shelters itself from this memory which it shelters: which comes down to saying also that it forgets it.”

Archives are assembled to remember a first place, an origin site that houses historical codes and modes of order, but they are also, weirdly, selective mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion that strategically forget, reassemble or reorder the objects of memory. An archive remembers inasmuch as it forgets, stores away (for later), blurs, and obscures. The archive you will encounter in these pages is one that plays with these notions, and we hope you will enjoy it.

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Taken from Luis Felipe Fabre’s Lost Poems/Found Poems: For a Magazine of Ghost Poems, the line on the cover suggests that the “value of what’s forgotten” resides in the fresh opportunity which the lost object or forgotten scene provides for the archiving impulses of memory. What is forgotten or misplaced renews memory, gives it impetus to re-write the unwritten book and refill the emptied slot and the vacant space. On the cover, you’ll find Claudia Peña Salinas’ photographs, which signify exactly that: the yearned-for object suddenly re-contextualized as a multiplied, archival re-memory.

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Contributors include:

Fiction Cecca Ochoa
Sooze Lanier
James Tadd Adcox



Julie Carr

Lauren Haldeman
Edwin Torres
Blunt Research Group
Stephanie Anderson
Marc Rahe
Matthew Reed Corey

Intercambio Prose


Alejandro Zambra

Translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman

Luis Felipe Fabre

Translated from the Spanish by Daniel Borzutzky and Jose-Luis Moctezuma

Lina Meruane

Translated from the Spanish by Kolin Jordan

Gabriela Jauregui

Translated from the Spanish by Carolina Casanueva

Mario Bellatin

Translated from the Spanish by David Shook

Intercambio Poetry


Cecilia Vicuña

Translated from the Spanish by Rosa Alcalá and Anne Twitty


Mercedes Roffé
Translated from the Spanish by Anna Deeny Morales

Oliverio Girondo

Translated from the Spanish by Harris Feinsod and Rachel Galvin

Galo Ghigliotto

Translated from the Spanish by Daniel Borzutzky


Interviews/ Ephemera Jennifer Scappettone and Nathanaël

Juan A. Gaitán and Armando Salas

Translated from the Spanish by Jose-Luis Moctezuma and Brenda Lozano

Eileen Mueller



Reviews Caleb Caldwell
Ayten Tartici
Marcus Creaghan
K. Rose Miller


Art Portfolio Claudia Peña Salinas
Jovencio de la Paz

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