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One-Year Subscription

Begins with “Visual Culture” and includes #13 “Exchange/Intercambio” for half-price!Price: $28
Holiday Special: The Whole Shebang Visual Culture gift pack includes a MAKE one-year subscription (#14 & #15), a Clay Hickson t-shirt, and and a tote bag designed by Anders Nilsen. Price: $40
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Holiday Special: MAKE Subscription + T-shirt Wrap your loved one in a hand-screened cotton T-shirt and watch them enjoy great lit and art. Price: $27
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Holiday Special: MAKE Subscription (#14 & #15) + Tote Send your bestie a limited edition! 14″ x 15″, gusseted, heavy-weight canvas tote with an image by Anders Nilsen derived from MAKE #14. And that’s on top of a one-year subscription! Price: $30
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Holiday Special: One for You, One for Me. Treat yourself! Grab a one-year subscription (#14 & #15) for a friend and one for you too!It’s been a long you, and you’ve earned it. Price: $27
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GOLDIE SPECIAL! AS SEEN ON TV (ugh, Paypal discount codes are impossible) $20 subscription + $10 T-T-shirt ONLY: $27
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One-Year Subscription

Begins with “Visual Culture” Price: $22
Anders Nilsen MAKE #14 Tote Limited Edition! 14″ x 15″, gusseted, heavy-weight canvas. Printed by Spudnik Press. Price: $15
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Issue 14 T-shirts with Clay Hickson Images. Click here to view all images: Price: $15
Issue 14, Fall 2013 Visual Culture Price: $12
Issue 13, Winter 2012 Exchange/Intercambio Price: $12
Issue 13, Winter 2012 ELECTRONIC Exchange/Intercambio Price: $5
Issue 12, Spring 2013 Architectural  Price: $12
Issue 12, Spring 2013, ELECTRONIC Download Architectural  Price: $5
Issue 11, Fall/Winter 2011 Neither/Nor Price: $12
Issue 11, Fall/Winter 2011-ELECTRONIC Neither/Nor Price: $5
Issue 11 Tote: hand-screened medium-weight tote with line by Janet Desaulniers / image by Aya Yamasaki Price: $12
Issue 10, Fall/Winter 2010 At Play Price: $12
Issue 10, Fall/Winter 2010 At Play (Electronic – PDF) Price: $5
Issue 10 Tote: hand-screened light-weight tote with line by Lewis Warsh / image by Geoffrey Hamerlinck At Play Price: $7
MAKE T by Dean Rank, printed on American Apparel 50/25/25 Track Shirt Price: $20
Issue 9, Spring/Summer 2010 Myth, Magic, & Ritual Price: $10
Issue 8, Summer/Fall, 2009 This Everyday Price: $10
Issue 7, Fall/Winter, 2008-2009 This Everyday Price: $5
Issue 6, Sprint/Summer, 2008 The Experiment Price: $4
Issue 5, City in Biography, Summer/Fall 2007 Price: $4

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