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The theme of MAKE 17 is “Belonging.” For this issue, we are calling for works that hit on acceptance, or the lack of it. Think boundaries: physical, social, political emotional, etc. How you interpret this is your choice. Submissions accepted in Spanish and English Deadline: April 30, 2017 Though you are welcome to submit your work online throughout the year, our reading periods happen in the weeks before and after each posted deadline.  We publish one themed, print print issue per year. Please take a look at past issues before submitting. We are generally looking for work that speaks to the theme, but as stated, quality of work is the first consideration. You should expect to hear back from us two months after the submission deadline, if not sooner.

We do not accept hard copies or emailed submissions, so please upload your work to our database.

One submission per individual, please. Thank you so much.


_____________________________________________ Te invitamos a enviar tu creación literaria—cuentos, ensayos y poemas—en español, en inglés o en una combinación de ambos idiomas. Publicamos dos ediciones de MAKE al año y cada una de las dos tiene un tema concreto. El tema del número 17 es “BELONGING”: los contextos históricos/además de cómo documentamos nuestras vidas y cultura en la era digital. Generalmente buscamos obras que traten el tema propuesto, pero la calidad del texto es siempre la primera consideración. Por favor, incluye una página con toda tu información de contacto. La extensión de las obras de ficción y no ficción: es de 8.000 palabras máximo. Si tu obra es poesía: incluye 3-5 poemas en un solo documento de Word. Por favor, haz clic debajo (SUBMIT ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE) para enviarnos tu obra online. No aceptamos trabajos por correo electrónico o copias en papel. La fecha límite para la entrega de los textos es el 30 de abril, 2017. ————— We are calling for essay, fiction, and poetry pieces that are both entertaining and artistically interesting. This magazine seeks to expand upon the Chicago tradition of informative and innovative writing, while also examining current styles and textures. MAKE is seeking writers and thinkers from every level of experience who have strong, inspired voices, frenetic imaginations, and a sense of humor. The word limit for fiction and nonfiction is 8,000. Poetry submissions should include 3-5 poems in a single file. Please do not submit poems individually. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Just give us a heads up. MAKE will be publicized throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond and circulated in magazine format. Payment will be in the form of contributor’s copies. Following publication, there will be publicity opportunities such as readings and music and theater events. Please send questions or concerns (but not submissions) to submissions [at] **Please note: It has come to our attention that some responses regarding submissions have not been received in the past. To help prevent this, please add the address “submissions [at]” in your address book. We apologize for any emails that did not reach you and are making suggested changes to our email server set-up. We welcome your comments.

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