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We the Animals

A novel by Justin Torres

Butch Queens Up in Pumps

A work in Black queer formation by Marlon M. Bailey

Monstrous Motherhood

A study of eighteenth-century literature and culture by Marilyn Francus

Senses of Vibration: A History of the Pleasure and Pain of Sound

A materialist history of the senses by Shelley Trower

An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar

A book of photography by Taryn Simon

Birds of the West Indies

A book of photography by Taryn Simon

Luminous Chaos

A novel by Jean-Christophe Valtat

The Mussel Feast

A novel by Birgit Vanderbeke

Picturing the Book of Nature

A work in the history of science by Sachiko Kusukawa


A novel by László Krasznahorkai


A film directed by Bela Tarr

Engine Empire

A collection of poems by Cathy Park Hong

Swans of the Kremlin: Ballet and Power in Soviet Russia

A work in the history of dance by Christina Ezrahi

Hideous Progeny

A work of film theory by Angela Smith

Anthology of Essays on Deep Listening

Edited by Monique Buzzarté and Tom Bickley

The Tragedy of Mariam

A closet drama by Elizabeth Cary

Knowing Books: The Consciousness of Mediation in Eighteenth-Century Britain

A historical treatment of material texts by Christina Lupton

Doña Bárbara

A novel by Rómulo Gallegos

The Style of Gestures: Embodiment and Cognition in Literary Narrative

A work of literary theory by Guillemette Bolens

Whitman’s Queer Children: America’s Homosexual Epics

A work of literary scholarship by Catherine A. Davies

The Cambridge Companion to Opera Studies

A work of opera studies edited by Nicholas Till

The Flamethrowers

A novel by Rachel Kushner

The Decadent Republic of Letters

A work of aesthetic history by Matthew Potolsky

Domesticating the Airwaves: Broadcasting, Domesticity and Femininity

A work of feminist and media history by Maggie Andrews

Fictions of the Cosmos: Science and Literature in the Seventeenth Century

A work of literary scholarship by Frédérique Aït-Touati


A diary and collection of essays by Witold Gombrowicz


A work in sexuality studies by Annamarie Jagose

The Anthropology of Extinction: Essays on Culture and Species Death

An analysis of extinction, edited by Genese Marie Sodikoff

Black Regions of the Imagination

A work of literary scholarship by Eve Dunbar

The Group

A work of fiction by Mary McCarthy

Sin and Filth in Medieval Culture: The Devil in the Latrine

A work of medieval scholarship by Martha Bayless

The History of British Women’s Writing, 700-1500, Volume One

A work of literary scholarship edited by Liz Herbert McAvoy and Diane Watt

The Breathless Zoo: Taxidermy and the Cultures of Longing

A work of critical taxidermy by Rachel Poliquin

Selling Sounds: The Commercial Revolution in American Music

A work of music scholarship by David Suisman

Zone One

A dystopian novel by Colson Whitehead

After Midnight

A novel by Irmgard Keun

The Telegraph in America, 1832-1920

A study in the history of technology by David Hochfelder

Robert Ashley

A work of music criticism by Kyle Gann

A History of Opera

A work of musicology by Carolyn Abbate and Roger Parker

Hitchcock’s Ear, Music and the Director’s Art

A work of music criticism by David Schroeder


A novel in one paragraph by Danielle Dutton

The Address Book

A photo-journal detective memoir by Sophie Calle

Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol

Translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky

Always in Trouble: An Oral History of ESP-Disk’

An oral history of the experimental record label by Jason Weiss

Swimming Home

A novel by Deborah Levy

The Origins and Foundations of Music Education

A work of music criticism edited by Gordon Cox and Robin Stevens

Tribute to Freud

A psychoanalytic memoir by H. D.


A memoir by Pierre Guyotat

Conquered City

A novel by Victor Serge

A Short History of Cahiers du cinéma

A work of film scholarship by Emilie Bickerton

The New Yorker Stories

A collection of short story collection by Ann Beattie

Cracked Media: The Sound of Malfunction

A work of music criticism by Caleb Kelly


A translation by Thomas Meyer

No Dig, No Fly, No Go: How Maps Restrict and Control

A discussion of the politics of an (inter)national cartography by Mark Monmonier

Where Art Belongs

A work of art criticism by Chris Kraus


A novella (in one paragraph) by Jean-Christophe Valtat

An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Globalization

A work of critical theory by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Minuet for Guitar

A Novel by Vitomil Zupan

Gothicka: Vampire Heroes, Human Gods, and the New Supernatural

An exploration of contemporary Gothic literature by Victoria Nelson

Memorial: An Excavation of the Iliad

An interpretation of Homer’s Iliad by Alice Oswald

Sinister Resonance: The Mediumship of the Listener

A work of music criticism by David Toop

Leaving the Atocha Station

A Novel by Ben Lerner

Men Undressed

An anthology of women writing about sex from the male perspective

Elliott Carter

A work of music criticism by James Wierzbicki

No Enemies, No Hatred

A collection of writings by Liu Xiaobo

The Memory of Place: A Phenomenology of the Uncanny

A work of Continental Philosophy by Dylan Trigg

I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women

Edited by Caroline Bergvall, Laynie Browne, Teresa Carmody and Vanessa Place

Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing

Edited by Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith

The Possible is Monstrous

A Collection of Poems by Friedrich Dürrenmatt Translated by Daniele Pantano

Imaginary Games

A philosophical investigation of play and imaginary things by Chris Bateman

The Ellington Century

A work of music criticism by David Schiff

The Lonely Voice: A Study of the Short Story

A work of literary criticism by Frank O’Connor

Words and Music: Camus, Beckett, Cage, Gould

A work of music criticism by Deborah Weagel
The Total Work of Art in European Modernism
A work of art criticism by David Roberts

The End of the West

A collection of poems by Michael Dickman

Some Math

A Collection of Poetry by Bill Luoma

My Name is Victoria

A memoir by Victoria Donda Translated from the Spanish by Magda Bodin

Facing Beauty: Painted Women & Cosmetic Art

A critical analysis of concepts of female beauty by Aileen Ribeiro


A novel by Juan José Saer Translated from the Spanish by Steve Dolph


A collection of poems by Louis Zukofsky

The Cows

A prose observation of three cows by Lydia Davis

Lightning Rods

A Novel by Helen DeWitt

Electric Eden

A work of music criticism by Rob Young

Sobbing Superpower: Selected Poems

A selection of poems by Tadeusz Rozewicz Translated by Joanna Trzeciak

Modern Poetry of Pakistan Selected by Iftikar Arif

Translations Edited by Waqas Khwaja

A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos

A Collection of Poems by Tim Dlugos Edited by David Trinidad

The French Exit

A Collection of Poems by Elisa Gabbert

Man Years

A Collection of Poems by Sandra Doller

The Book of Interfering Bodies

A Collection of Poems by Daniel Borzutzky

The Necrophiliac

A Novel by Gabrielle Wittkop Translated from the French by Don Bapst

Happy Birthday, Turk!

A novel by Jakob Arjouni Translated from the German by Anselm Hollo

Poet by Default

Poetry by Tristan Corbière Translated by Noelle Kocot

De Rerum Natura – The Nature of Things

A philosophical poem by Lucretius Translated from the Latin by David R. Slavitt

When Opera Meets Film

by Marcia J. Citron

Circle’s Apprentice

Poetry by Dan Beachy-Quick

New Selected Poems and Translations

A collection of poetry by Ezra Pound, edited by Richard Sieburth

The H.D. Book

A work of poetry criticism by Robert Duncan, edited by Michael Boughn and Victor Coleman

The Wide Road

By Carla Harryman and Lyn Hejinian

Money Shot

Poetry by Rae Armantrout

Ambient Parking Lot

A novel by Pamela Lu

You Have Given Me A Country

A memoir by Neela Vaswani

Writing Art Cinema 1988-2010

A collection of essays by Stephen Lapthisophon

The Country of the Pointed Firs

A novella by Sarah Orne Jewett

Quintessence of the Minor: Symbolist Poetry in English

A Work of Literary Criticism by Garrett Caples

Absolute Music, Mechanical Reproduction

A Work of Music Criticism by Arved Ashby
A Collection of Poems by Kate Colby
The Fetch
A Collection of Poems by Nico Rogers
A Novel by Tom McCarthy
No Such Thing As Silence: John Cage’s 4’33”
A Work of Music Criticism by Kyle Gann
Red Rain
A Novel by Bruce Murkoff
 width=Until the Light Takes Us
A Documentary Film Directed by Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites
 width=Century of Clouds
A Memoir by Bruce Boone
 width=The Book of Frank
A Collection of Poems by CA Conrad
Classical Chinese Poetry: An Anthology

Translated and Edited by David Hinton
A Collection of Lectures by Gertrude Stein
 width= Aurorarama
A Novel by Jean-Christophe Valtat
 width= Geometries
A Collection of Poems by Guillevic
 width= The Lonely Polygamist
A Novel by Brady Udall
A Novel by Paul Harding
 width= The Passion Artist
A novel by John Hawkes
The Wind Blows Through the Doors of My Heart

A Collection of Poems by Deborah Digges
 width= My Little War
By Louis Paul Boon
 width= Antwerp
A novel by Roberto Bolaño
 width= Shore Ordered Ocean
Poems by Dora Malech
 width= Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man
A Memoir by Bill Clegg
 width= The Ticking is the Bomb
by Nick Flynn
Meet Me at the Happy Bar
Poetry Steve Langan
 width= Eternal Hydra
Drama by Anton Piatiagorsky
 width= Take It
Poetry by Joshua Beckman

Reviews from Print Issues

How Phenomena Appear to Unfold

A work of phenomenological literary criticism by Leslie Scalapino

Entrance to a colonial pageant in which we all begin to intricate

An experimental work of poetry / theater by Johannes Göransson

Thrasher Fanzine

An anthology edited by Sam Korman and Israel Lund

Contemporary Music: Theoretical and Philosophical Perspectives

A collection of essays edited by Irène Deliège and Max Paddison

The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop

A Work of Music Criticism by Dan Charnas

The Bars of Atlantis: Selected Essays

A Collection of Essays by Durs Grünbein

Meddle English

New and Selected Texts by Caroline Bergvall
Dear Apocalypse
A collection of poems by K. A. Hayes

The Smaller Half

A collection of poems by Marc Rahe
Demons in the Spring
A collection of short stories by Joe Meno
 width= Pierce the Skin: Selected Poems by Henri Cole
A collection of poems by Henri Cole
 width= Microscripts
A collection of miniature prose pieces by Robert Walser
A novel by Djuna Barnes
 width= The Skating Rink
By Roberto Bolaño
 width= A New Literary History of America
Essays edited by Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors
 width= Everything Flows
A novel by Vasily Grossman
 width= If I Were Another
Poems by Mahmoud Darwish
 width= Classification of a Spit Stain
Artist Book by Ellie Ga
 width= Hilarity
Poetry by Patty Seyburn
 width= Do Not Deny Me
short fiction by Jean Thompson
 width= What We Were Doing and Where We Were Going
short fiction by Damion Searls
 width= It Is Daylight
poetry by Arda Collins
Adorno’s Noise

Essays by Carla Harryman

Unincorporated Territory [Hacha]

Poetry by Craig Santos Perez
 width= Hotel Crystal
A book by Olivier Rolin
The Unfortunates

By B.S. Johnson
 width= Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans
A book by Thomas Brothers
Fiction by Alexis Wright
 width= The Uncomfortable Dead: A Novel in Four Hands
A book by Paco Ignacio Taibo II & Subcomandante Marcos

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